Modern workplaces are undergoing a revolution, as the working world becomes increasingly competitive. With more and more options at their fingertips, today’s employees crave safe, flexible, and engaging workplaces that cultivate a greater sense of purpose and belonging. At the same time, their employers require effective workforce management that allows them to streamline HR processes and stay compliant.

So, how do you do that while remaining secure in critical infrastructure edge-to-cloud environments? An AI-powered, SAP-backed Total Workforce Management solution from AlertEnterprise offers utility organizations friction-free access, elevated security – and optimized experiences for all.

Generate more time and money savings

By streamlining employee onboarding and offboarding, a Total Workforce Management solution can encourage better, quicker HR decision-making, which enables more cost-effective efficiencies. An automated solution enables Human Resources officers to save time sourcing applicants, filling positions and handling administrative tasks – while adding more to the bottom line with competitive candidate sourcing. But the benefits aren’t limited to HR: with Guardian by AlertEnterprise, organizations are able to gain real-time visibility across the entire workforce, leading to fewer errors and duplicated work.

And by easily verifying actual time on site against time billed, Guardian can help organizations prevent contractor overcharging. See how The Mosaic Company identified $70-90 million in potential cost savings from contractor overbilling alone with AlertEnterprise’s identity, access management and security solutions.

Implement automated and data-driven processes

Say goodbye to manual and error-prone processes that open doors to safety concerns – and an unwelcome dip in productivity. Automated management helps streamline the experience for both full-time employees and contingent workers. Remember those manual, labor-intensive, and error-prone tasks that always seem to take up too much of the day? Consider them automated (and in compliance) with Total Workforce Management powered by AlertEnterprise. This allows employees to direct their attention to more thoughtful, impactful tasks, which keeps them engaged with the organization (more on that later).

And with Guardian, onboarding processes are more efficient: Utility HR managers can automate physical access reviews and approvals of new hires while ensuring training and certifications are up to date. A secure mobile and online portal also allows employees to upload their own records and self-attestation.

Develop a people-centric company culture

When people feel valued by their employer and engaged with their place of employment, it often shows up in their work – and the company’s bottom line. A recent Gallup study found that engaged employees yield more successful business outcomes than their less-engaged counterparts. According to the study, this stays true regardless of the country’s economic status, company size or type of industry.

By implementing frictionless workforce lifecycle solutions, organizations can expedite tedious HR processes, identify skill gaps to provide valuable training opportunities for employees, and find strategies to support remote and hybrid teams in this digital era. An AI-powered automated solution enables HR managers to focus their attention on developing policies that create better employee experiences, including diversity and inclusion, work-life balance and mental health.

Easily integrate with systems already in place

Here’s the best news: With over 200 connectors available, Guardian by AlertEnterprise fits right into how critical infrastructures already do business. Seamlessly integrate onboarding and offboarding processes downstream to any business system with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass. And integrations with SAP Ariba and SAP Concur make invoicing and travel management a breeze. Click here to learn more about how AlertEnterprise integrates out of the box, minus the rip and replace.

It's time to secure critical infrastructures from edge to cloud

As utility organizations strive to keep up in an increasingly competitive landscape, the threats facing critical infrastructures are also growing more complex. By converging cyber-physical access, governance, risk and compliance solutions for insights, workflows and action recommendations, AlertEnterprise and SAP are bolstering security for critical infrastructure edge-to-cloud environments – while improving the experiences for company leaders, employees, and contingent workers.

Learn more about the collaboration at this year’s SAP for Utilities, Presented by ASUG on October 9-11, 2023, in Chicago; register here.

Can’t wait until then? Click here for a preview.

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