The stakes for retailers are higher than ever now because of extreme competition and consolidation. Those that have expanded from traditional brick-and-mortar locations to digital, omnichannel experiences are finding successes as they serve the needs of modern customers. Today’s successful retailers give customers the freedom to browse and purchase the way they prefer, whether that’s shopping in person, comparing items on a mobile device, or checking the status of an online order through a digital virtual assistant. SAP retail customers are finding inspiration in the possibilities that technology can bring to their critical day-to-day operations, including the online and in-person experiences designed to delight customers.

ASUG and Google Cloud conducted a study in 2019 to better understand how SAP retail customers think about digital transformation, where they are in the transformation process, and the challenges they need to overcome to successfully complete these projects. We included SAP retail customers in the study, along with SAP customers across industries to understand how retailers compared with other sectors.

Through this study, we learned:

  • What kinds of strategies retailers are putting in place to achieve their goals
  • What resources they are investing in these projects
  • The areas of their business retailers expect to transform
  • The three digital moves retailers need to make now

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