ASUG members have a robust array of in-person and virtual events to attend this year, including the first-of-its-kind 2023 ASUG Best Practices: SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) conference.

The combo event will spotlight SAP customer organization speakers and solution updates in the March program. The agenda is undergoing careful curation by the Conference Advisory Committee, which includes subject matter experts, SAP leaders, and ASUG staff. Committee participants share insights on the conference work-in-progress.

In this first in a series of “Insider Insights,” Vincent Petit offered a recap on his contributions to committee work to date, what content will be of particular interest and value, and why the ASUG community should attend. Petit said he brings not only his views from his Inchcape day job but also offers experiences from events and content with SAP user groups in the U.K and Europe in his committee work.

For Petit, the SAP S/4HANA and SAP BTP programming will provide meaningful learning and networking opportunities.

“Inchcape is looking to move towards an S/4HANA transformation now that the Rise with SAP project is coming to an end,” he noted. “I see the conference as a great opportunity to not only understand more about S/4HANA but also benefit from the experience of other SAP customers. I also want to explore how to make the most of BTP.”

Petit characterized the conference as “a fantastic opportunity to learn, to understand what is new in the SAP world, and to benefit from SAP customers’ experiences.

“This is about creating a community bound by technology and how it can support growth and efficiency in a fast-moving technological ecosystem,” he added.

For individuals and organizations considering event attendance, Petit pinpointed the value proposition. Why attend? For Petit, the reasons include the following:

  • Direct interactions with SAP technology and solution experts
  • Information on the evolving technology world in general and the SAP ecosystem in particular
  • Great learning opportunities
  • Fantastic networking

Vincent Petit is ERP & Finance Systems IT Director with Inchcape Digital and a member of the Conference Advisory Committee. Inchcape was one of the first early adopters of RISE with SAP, moving its current ECC environments to the cloud. He said he sees the move to the cloud and managed technical services of our ECC environments as a first step towards S/4HANA. Petit noted Inchcape is currently shifting to a wider adoption of BTP.

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