An efficient supply chain gives you a significant competitive advantage. Businesses with healthy supply chains are more productive and can manage their inventories well, mitigate risks, remain compliant with changing regulations, and generate consistent profits. Many companies, however, are not positioned to take advantage of these opportunities or reap their rewards.

A 2019 study from ASUG and DSI found that fewer than 25% of companies consider themselves industry leaders when it comes to supply chain management.

If the current state of supply chain is average at best, that means companies might be delivering a mediocre customer experience and subpar customer service. Because consumers expect businesses to meet their needs—now at lightning speed—average isn’t going to cut it.

Collaborative research from ASUG and DSI points to a few critical areas where companies can focus to strengthen their supply chains. Through this study, we discovered:

  • The differences between supply chain leaders and supply chain laggards
  • The top areas SAP customers say need improvement within the supply chain
  • Where mobility and supply chain transparency fit in
  • How the supply chain function connects with SAP S/4HANA adoption plans

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