When our members (and their board members) consider strategies for digital transformation, technology is always top of mind. From successfully executing enterprise resource planning (ERP) rollouts to consuming innovations in generative artificial intelligence (AI), technology executives in all industries are tasked with overseeing complex business evolutions, helping their companies adapt to an accelerating rate of change.

Outside of the technology, today’s businesses face another challenge: developing a skilled technical workforce that can keep pace with all the strategic planning, data analysis, problem-solving savvy, and continuous learning and development this emerging tech requires. Having the right people in the right place and the right time is increasingly half the battle. According to Deloitte, staffing challenges top the list of issues CEOs expect to disrupt business in 2023 and beyond. And yet transformation of technology skills is critical to maintaining a competitive edge, even as the added complexity of those skills—amid digital and AI innovations, as well as cloud migration—has never been more readily apparent.

While talent shortages have impacted IT for years, the skills gap has been keenly felt across the SAP ecosystem as the company drives its customers’ journeys to the cloud. In ASUG’s annual Pulse of the SAP Customer research study, maintaining knowledgeable staff—and retaining them, amid high turnover rates—has regularly ranked as one of the top three challenges organizations say they face. Last year, 37% of study respondents noted that they specifically struggle to find staff equipped to navigate SAP S/4HANA, while 30% reported that their organizations lacked the internal skills needed to manage new products, hindering their technology and business progress.

As our SAP staffing partners (and ASUG Partner Members) work to provide our members with qualified job candidates or take on the tasks themselves as resources to customers, it’s clear to all of us at ASUG that connecting our community to SAP-skilled independent contractors is another way we can quickly and cost-effectively drive critical value for our members.

It’s in that spirit that we launched the ASUG Talent Hub, the first and only SAP-centric contract talent platform, combining the expertise and resources of multiple staffing firms that specialize in SAP into one, easy-to-use talent procurement pipeline. Whether you’re looking for contractors specialized in data infrastructure to navigate SAP Business Warehouse, for short-term SAP talent that knows SAP Finance and Controlling (FICO) inside and out, or for additional resources to staff SAP S/4HANA transformation projects, ASUG Talent Hub is a resource for you.

Providing members with access to thousands of highly skilled independent contractors, ASUG Talent Hub delivers candidates’ resumes to your inbox within 48 hours of you submitting role requirements, information, and expectations. Collaborating with top firms that are highly skilled in identifying what their clients want out of their consultants, ASUG Talent Hub minimizes turnover and accelerates the procurement process.

While other companies provide staff augmentation services for all IT areas, ASUG Talent Hub focuses on delivering SAP professional contractors; our specialized partner firms tap into networks of SAP professionals, rather than general IT professionals. We understand the balance of technical and business acumen required for consultants to succeed in supporting SAP projects, and so ASUG seeks to provide our members with a level of consistency in quality, speed, adaptability, and fair rates for short-term SAP talent.

ASUG Talent Hub is purpose-built to connect our members with the best SAP consultants in the business, with action-oriented thought leaders with an established track record of driving efficiencies and leading the charge for successful transformation. When it comes to securing support for your teams with SAP contract workers, we know agility and productivity are both non-negotiable.

Beyond their knowledge of SAP people, products, services, and transformation initiatives, the high-quality professionals you’ll find through ASUG Talent Hub are carefully curated best-fit candidates, all well-versed in reading between the lines, anticipating future business needs, and problem-solving efficiently. These are true SAP “superstars” who can hit the ground running and get to work on your most critical projects.

We expect nothing less from our consultants than the standard of excellence we know is required to keep our members one step ahead. With ASUG Talent Hub, we’re raising that standard even further, so that you can maximize the value of your ASUG membership and get the most out of your investment in SAP technology.

Visit talent.asug.com for more information; or contact talenthub@asug.com.

Jonathan Lalla is ASUG's Director of Marketing.

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