David Wascom is ASUG Executive VP.

If you are actively involved in running an SAP system, then you are at least familiar with SAP Solution Manager. For the last 20 years, “SolMan” has provided a central repository for many of the core functions in supporting, upgrading, and operating SAP systems.

To say the least, SAP Solution Manager has changed significantly over the last two decades. It has evolved from a collection of basic monitoring and implementation tools to become a fully capable solution for managing even the most complex SAP on-premises landscapes, including managing custom code, business processes, and testing and deployment schedules.

With business applications and operations shifting to the cloud, SAP has also significantly shifted. Among the many changes is the year-old SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) toolset. Depending on your specific solution landscape, SAP Solution Manager or Cloud ALM can be the foundation for your ALM needs.

In early 2006, I was on my company’s SAP implementation team. I was tasked with working with SAP and setting up our Solution Manager environment under a Solution Manager Quick Start engagement. I was about one year into the world of SAP, and knew very little about Solution Manager, so I heavily depended on our onsite Solution Manager expert to guide me through the initial configuration. Lucky for me and my company, that onsite expert was John Krakowski, a then up-and-comer in the SAP Solution Manager arena.

After a couple of very intense configuration days with John, I realized two things. First, there was no way I was going to remember everything John and I had covered. (John is amazing—he has forgotten more things about ALM than I know, is a great resource for SAP, and is an active ASUG member and contributor). Second, with Solution Manager, SAP was well on its way to establishing a powerful toolset for technology teams to implement, manage, and monitor their SAP landscapes.

As a product manager, John has since become one of the key drivers of SAP ALM solutions. It is my pleasure to also call him a friend.

I have yet to ask John how the introduction of SAP Cloud ALM has affected how he helps customers solve their ALM challenges, but you can be sure I will ask him that—among other questions—at the upcoming ASUG and SAP Application Lifecycle Management Virtual Summit—North America. Our conference in early February 2022 is the perfect opportunity for ASUG members (and me) to learn more about Cloud ALM and so much more.

The opportunities and solutions for teams challenged by ALM have significantly changed since the initial introduction of Solution Manager in 2001. One thing that has not changed, though, is the value of learning from your peers, connecting with experts, and sharing your stories with the ASUG member community. I look forward to joining all of you at the ASUG and SAP Application Lifecycle Management Virtual Summit—North America to share experiences and findings.

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