SAP recently announced that it had extended the Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP) through December 31, 2022, giving SAP customers more time to make the decision to move to the SAP Digital Access licensing model, which provides customers with a modern, streamlined solution to SAP licensing.

“Following several productive conversations with our user group boards, SAP has decided to extend the DAAP through Dec. 31, 2022, to ensure all customers have sufficient runway to take advantage of the opportunity before it ends,” Matt Angell, head of global strategic pricing and commercialization at SAP told ASUG earlier this week. “We encourage all interested customers to speak with their account representatives early this year to incorporate DAAP into their 2022 expansion plans.”

What is the SAP Digital Access Model?

SAP developed its digital access model as a way to update the pricing model for SAP ERP applications such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Instead of being based on an organization’s total number of users, the digital access model allows the customer to license indirect accesses (such as third-party access and Internet of Things bots) and gives them a clear view of their current document use.

In a blog post focused on the digital access model, Robin Manherz, executive vice president and chief operating officer at SAP, wrote that the model is “designed to address all indirect access scenarios for the digital age.”

How does the Digital Access Adoption Program Fit In?

SAP user groups including ASUG, DSAG, and SUGEN were instrumental in the creation of the DAAP, which was announced at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019. The program is aimed at assisting SAP customers as they make the decision to move to the digital access licensing model, and guide them through the adoption process with complete clarity and predictability. The user groups worked with SAP by providing customer feedback to the pricing model, which helped spur the creation of the adoption program.

“We took that feedback—especially regarding transparency and predictability—and acted on it,” SAP CEO Christian Klein wrote in a blog post published right after the announcement of the program. “Together, we addressed all the concerns to fully support our customers to achieve transparency on their current document use.”

DAAP not only gives SAP customers clarity and transparency as they decide between the two different financial options available but also helps them decide which option is best to meet the needs of the organization and facilitate potential growth.

“This is a major move forward to help customers understand and mitigate the risk of potential indirect access compliance issues,” ASUG CEO Geoff Scott wrote in a blog post. “And, more importantly, it provides a clear path, so your organization is prepared for the transformation projects you’ll need to stay competitive in the future.”

You can begin your DAAP journey and learn more about the program here.

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