As you explore your options for SAP Signavio, you will likely discover areas where you and your team can learn new skills. SAP offers learning courses designed to equip you with the latest digital cloud learning and soft skills necessary for success. By diving into these courses, you’ll have the opportunity to access in-demand skills and earn globally recognized credentials, allowing you and your team to stand out in today’s competitive landscape. We’ve curated a foundational list of courses to explore, including core SAP learning, SAP Signavio specific skill-building, and change management guidance.

Core SAP Learning Courses

A great place to start on your learning course journey is with these core SAP courses. From boosting your career to diving into the SAP Intelligent Enterprise strategy, you can gain critical knowledge on SAP solutions and how they impact your organization.

Discovering End-to-End Business Processes for the Intelligent Enterprise

  • Dives into the fundamental aspects of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise strategy so that you can gain insight into the integration points between different departments and the various SAP solutions available.
  • Target Audience: Business users and project leads

Introducing SAP Cloud ALM

  • Reviews the basics of SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and its benefits for the implementation and operations of business processes. You will discover how SAP Cloud ALM can support your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise and reduce the cost of implementation.
  • Target Audience: Business users and architects

Explore Integrated Business Processes in SAP S/4HANA

  • Introduces the integrated business processes within SAP S/4HANA so you can understand the fundamental components that an enterprise needs to operate. You will gain insights into how various business transactions are performed in SAP S/4HANA and be able to explain the application integration within SAP S/4HANA and beyond.
  • Target Audience: Business process experts

Foundational SAP Signavio Learning Courses

If you’re ready to dive into SAP Signavio and business process management specific learning, we’ve collected a few foundational courses below to help you get started.

Running Business Processes with SAP Signavio Solutions

  • Guides you through the fundamentals of SAP Signavio solutions and helps you gain a high-level overview of business process management. You will review relevant business cases so that you can understand the tools used to model, design, and analyze processes in SAP Signavio solutions.
  • Target Audience: Business users

Implementing with SAP Cloud ALM

  • Introduces the use cases, concepts and capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM so that you can gain practical insight into how this solution supports the implementation and operation of cloud-based and hybrid SAP system landscapes. You will discover the methodology and functionalities of SAP Cloud ALM through practical exercises and real-world applications.
  • Target Audience: Architects and business users

Designing Business Processes with SAP Signavio Solutions

  • Prepares you to manage and design business processes using SAP Signavio solutions by guiding you through the tasks involved with using each SAP Signavio product. An optional certification is available at the end of this course.
  • Target Audience: Business process experts

Learning, Change Management, and Upskilling Courses

Soft skills like change management, learning, and support leadership are vital to a project’s success. Explore these courses to understand what SAP offers to support this part of your journey and how you can improve your skills to help support your team.

Getting Started with Learning and Enablement in SAP Projects

  • Reviews learning and enablement activities for an SAP implementation project and provides a clear methodology to follow so that you can explain the impact of SAP learning and enablement on user adoption and implementation success.
  • Target Audience: Training managers and project managers

Discover Organizational Change Management for SAP Cloud Projects

  • Focuses on how organizational change management can contribute to the success of your SAP cloud project so that you can assess your organizational needs and initiate the first steps.
  • Target Audience: Change management leaders, project managers, and business users

Ready for More?

The course list above is only part of the catalog. If you are ready to dive into intermediate courses or explore other learning opportunities that SAP provides, check out the resources below.

Configuring Your SAP Signavio Solutions

  • Dives into the tasks involved in administering SAP Signavio solutions so that you can manage and develop the environment for SAP Signavio and implement best practices. This is an advanced level course that requires the completion of Running Business Processes with SAP Signavio Solutions learning course as a prerequisite.
  • Target Audience: Administrators

SAP Learning Home

  • Visit the SAP Learning homepage to search for more learning opportunities. Explore learning journeys that range from beginner to expert, hands-on practice opportunities, and overview videos.

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