Staying up to date on the latest SAP product/service road-map developments can be challenging. Two support tools, free to SAP customers, can help organizations understand current solutions and better navigate planned additions and improvements.

In the Future of SAP Road Maps session, occurring during one of our SAP Center of Excellence virtual conferences, Isabel Rodrigues, Solution Owner of the SAP Road Map Explorer, and Philipp Meyer, SAP Transformation Navigator Business Owner, will review each solution’s tools. They’ll demonstrate how you can use these solutions to easily find road maps and product plans.

During an interview to preview the conference session, Rodrigues said she plans to convey how customers can use SAP Road Map Explorer to find the latest on SAP S/4HANA and the SAP Business Technology Platform. She’ll also cover how everyone can use the information the tool provides to better understand where SAP is placing its strategic investments.

Additionally, Meyer reported that he’ll showcase how SAP Transformation Navigator can provide a customized plan based on what SAP tools a customer currently uses. This plan can help a customer plot a path for a transformation journey.

Questions Answered by the Tools

According to Rodrigues, SAP Road Map Explorer was built to answer the question, “Where can I find SAP Road Map information?” In the past, road maps were published in PDF formats, so if customers used a variety of SAP products, they had to download and check different documents. SAP Road Map Explorer gives customers a single place to find the latest road-map information.

Similarly, Meyer said that SAP Transformation Navigator can help customers facing a major business or IT transformation answer, “What programs should we use next?” or “Are we using the most current product, or is there a more up-to-date product available?” He said that the tool assesses the current landscape and provides customized guidance on which product would be best suited for transformation outcomes.

SAP regularly updates both tools. Rodrigues said she’ll review SAP Road Map Explorer functionalities released at the end of 2021. RISE with SAP is now represented in SAP Transformation Navigator; Meyer will discuss how customers can use the tool to determine if different areas of the business can use RISE with SAP.

Rodrigues said she hopes attendees will learn that SAP Road Map Explorer offers SAP customers the latest road-map content. It has easy, intuitive navigation and includes some personalization capabilities. Meyer added that he anticipates attendees will better understand the power and capabilities of SAP Transformation Navigator to deliver valuable, clear recommendations and customized pathways for every customer.

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