From benefits of business process management to change management best practices, find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the SAP Signavio Suite.

What is SAP Signavio Process Suite?

SAP Signavio is a collection of tools and services designed to help organizations understand, manage, and improve their use of enterprise software in supporting core business processes. The suite includes seven core products: Process Explorer, Process Insights, Process Intelligence, Process Collaboration Hub, Process Manager, Journey Modeler, and Process Governance. Each core product serves specific purposes in process management and continuous improvement by helping you model, analyze, and optimize business processes in your environment fast and at scale across SAP and non-SAP solutions.

What is considered a core business process?

A business process refers to any activities that must be performed to complete an end-to-end business scenario. Core business processes are usually linked to the business strategy and are thus paramount for the enterprise's sustainability.

What are the benefits of using SAP Signavio?

The benefits of SAP Signavio include:

  • Improved transparency and visibility into business processes.
  • Enhanced collaboration among stakeholders.
  • Streamlined process modeling and analysis.
  • Better compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings during implementation projects.

These benefits help align business process management efforts across your organization, reduce time to insight, and increase agility during your project’s implementation and optimization phases.

Can SAP Signavio help with SAP implementation projects?

Yes, SAP Signavio can assist with SAP implementation projects by providing tools for process discovery, documentation, and optimization. By using SAP Signavio's business process management capabilities, organizations can ensure that their processes align with SAP best practices and are effectively implemented during SAP projects.

What role does SAP Signavio play in the SAP Business Transformation Suite?

SAP Signavio is a core element in the SAP Business Transformation Suite and integrates with other transformation tools like LeanIX and Cloud Application Lifecycle Management. These three solutions come together under the SAP Business Transformation Suite to help streamline cloud implementation and deployment.

How does SAP Signavio support change management within SAP environments?

SAP Signavio supports change management by providing tools for visualizing and analyzing process changes, assessing their impact, and facilitating stakeholder collaboration. By implementing a Center of Excellence for process management alongside the tools within the SAP Signavio Suite, organizations can establish common language and facilitate decision making that transcends business and IT silos. This helps organizations manage and implement changes effectively within their SAP systems.

How secure is SAP Signavio, especially when handling sensitive data within SAP systems?

SAP Signavio prioritizes security and employs measures to protect sensitive data within SAP environments. This includes data encryption, access controls, compliance with industry standards and regulations, and regular security audits to ensure the platform's integrity.

How is SAP Signavio packaged in SAP offerings?

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence is bundled under the Premium and Premium Plus RISE with SAP offerings, while other components are included separately. Working closely with your SAP account executive and/or external consultants is important to find the licensing terms to meet your organization-specific needs.

What support and resources are available to organizations that are implementing SAP Signavio?

SAP provides a range of resources and support services for organizations implementing SAP Signavio. Find SAP Signavio-specific learning courses at , explore community-authored blog posts on the SAP Signavio community page, and connect with your account manager to get answers to your organization-specific questions. SAP also offers technical support for SAP Signavio through its help portal and ticketing systems. Finally, ASUG offers resources that support you with connecting with other customers considering and using SAP Signavio through our upcoming events, editorial insights, on-demand webcasts, and discussion forums within the ASUG SAP S/4HANA (ERP) Community Alliance.