Earlier this week, Marissa Gilbert, research director at ASUG, hosted a webcast focused on the trends and pressures faced by midmarket businesses. The research project focused on organizations reporting less than $1 billion of annual revenue, and asked participants about how organizations are leveraging technologies, and what are some of the main pressure points they are feeling. 

"This research project was a great opportunity for us to take a deeper dive into the world of midmarket organizations," Gilbert said. "While our research confirmed many universal trends we are seeing all across our membership we also uncovered some specific truths about our midmarket customers." 

Here is a quick snapshot of our research team's main findings. 


Gilbert underlined four main trends the research team saw from our midmarket members. These trends are pretty familiar and have been cropping up throughout our research all year.

  • Organizations are trying to keep up with new technology, or working to implement new solutions
  • Many organizations are taking significant steps to migrate to the cloud
  • The labor shortage has placed a new emphasis on having access to skilled talent
  • A key focus of many organizations is on data privacy and security

Most Important Factors to Business

Part of the research focused on what factors respondents consider most important to their business. Here are the three most popular options chosen by respondents: 

  • Finding skilled talent: 33% of respondents 
  • Access to data and data management: 28% of respondents 
  • Adding automation to accelerate key processes: 27% of respondents 

Evaluating Vital Technology 

The ASUG research team also asked respondents which technology projects will have a sizable impact on their jobs over the next one to two years. Here are the three most popular answers: 

  • Developing a cloud strategy: 61%
  • Bolstering and improving cybersecurity: 56%
  • Implementing RPA: 38% 

To the Cloud!

The research also examined cloud adoption among midmarket businesses. ASUG asked respondents about their progress on developing a cloud strategy. Here is the breakdown: 

  • The organization already has one in place: 25%
  • The organization is in the early stages of developing a cloud strategy: 47%
  • The organization does not have a strategy but is exploring the process of developing one: 19%
  • The organization has no strategy and is not exploring the possibility of developing: 9%