Tackling the testing gap for taxes

In the early 1990s, Vertex started integrating its Q-series tax calculation software with SAP for real-time sales tax calculations. In the decades since, Vertex’s solution suite for SAP customers has evolved to include highly sophisticated data integrity, reporting, exemption certificate, and corrective tools, enabling global tax automation embedded in the Sales, Billing, Procurement, and Payables business functions.

As Vertex has worked alongside hundreds of customers and partners to automate the end-to-end tax processes in the SAP ecosystem, the testing gap for taxes has manifested itself in almost all companies. The number of tax scenarios that need to be tested cannot feasibly be accomplished given resource, timeline, and data limitations present within almost every organization. Instead of testing a full set of possible tax scenarios, only a representative sample can be covered. This is the testing gap.

While there are numerous testing tools available for SAP customers, none have been purpose-built for the tax function. Vertex developed TestSuite, an SAP-based test automation tool that mines data and transactions in SAP and executes simultaneous automated testing of SAP and Vertex applications.

Supercharge Tax Testing with Vertex TestSuite

Tax teams typically struggle with getting IT, MM, FI, and SD resources to assist with testing tax scenarios on SAP transactions. This is largely due to the complexity of finding SAP data to fit tax scenarios and the time it takes to process SAP documents from order to invoicing. As a result, Tax teams are typically granted a small number of scenarios to test in SAP, forcing them to find other ways to test more tax scenarios.

That is where Vertex TestSuite comes in.

Vertex TestSuite is a purpose-built SAP testing solution designed for SAP-Vertex tax testing. Installed directly in SAP, TestSuite empowers users to create comprehensive test scripts using validated SAP data, execute mass numbers of test cases in SAP, quickly analyze results, and retain a detailed test documentation report.

Key features:

TestSuite is installed in SAP and is compatible with ECC and S/4HANA versions (on-premise and private cloud).

Extensible test cases cover transaction taxes (e.g., sales, use, VAT, GST) and different taxing variables.

Advanced data mining populates your test scripts with validated SAP data by mining your SAP transactions and master data.

End-to-end test cycle execution in SAP, including:

  • Purchase Order
  • PO Release
  • Service Entry
  • Goods Receipt
  • Logistics Invoice Verification (LIV)
  • FI invoice
  • Sales Order
  • Delivery
  • Billing (including Collective Billing)
  • Accounting Documents

Logging captures comprehensive messaging and logs, including the SIC and Accelerator logs.

Comprehensive reports capture the test details and analysis of tax results for documentation purposes.

Easy re-processing of test cases for regression test runs

Enables multiple points of validation, including:

  • SAP master data
  • SAP document processing
  • SAP accounting
  • Vertex SIC interface
  • Vertex O-Series calculation – including rates, rules, and configuration
  • Accelerator Data Mapping, Tax Code, Chain Flow processing and Reports
  • PLUS tools – including VENDORecon and Diagnostax

Say Goodbye to the Testing Gap

Vertex TestSuite streamlines the entire testing process from test script build through execution, analysis, troubleshooting and reporting.

Execute more tests in less time—at a fraction of the cost.

Reusable test cases and end-to-end automation reduces test development and execution times from thousands of hours to minutes — significantly reducing the cost of testing during new deployments, upgrades, service packs and ongoing content updates.

Enable exponential scalability.

Process and re-process thousands of test cases with minimal manual effort, and test real-life scenarios from historical documents on-demand.

Accelerate time-to-value of essential tax operations.

Automated testing built into your SAP environment ensures scalability to address new tax scenarios as they arise. With real-time insights, calculations, and processing, TestSuite delivers immediate business value and reduced tax risk.

Vertex takes the pain out of tax management so companies can grow and scale their tax operations in support of that growth. Vertex TestSuite enables tax teams to gain peace of mind enabled by extensive test coverage and an easy-to-use self-service UI. By reducing your dependence on cross-functional teams in SAP, TestSuite opens up an exponential number of scenarios that can be tested and re-tested at any time.

Contact your Vertex representative for a demo of TestSuite or visit us at www.vertex.com

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