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ASUG provides a pathway for SAP professionals to achieve their personal and professional best.

Founded in 1991, Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) is the world’s largest SAP user group, serving 2,300-plus businesses via company-wide memberships. ASUG’s mission is to help people and organizations get the most value from their investments in SAP technology. The Chicago-based organization accomplishes this by connecting and educating people through in-person and virtual events, delivering customer feedback to SAP, and advocating for its members.


Annual 2

2,300 Corporate Memberships

Digital 2

600 Webcasts Annually

Midwest3 2

38 North American Chapters

Member 2

130,000 Individual Members

Webcase 2

350 Volunteers

Face 2

200 Chapter Meetings Annually


Who is ASUG? This overview video and series of member profiles demonstrate exactly who are our members are, and what personal and professional value they gain from ASUG.



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ASUG’s Management Team sets the strategy and direction of the organization, working closely with our members, SAP and partners to identify areas for growth and new ways to better serve the community.

ASUG’s Board of Directors is comprised of ASUG volunteers elected by our membership. Our organization’s daily operations are managed by the CEO along with the ASUG management team, a group charged with delivering on the board’s vision and serving the membership on a daily basis.


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Thomas Wailgum - Media and Analyst Relations, ASUG