Do you find shortcomings in the stock SAP Business One available-to-promise (ATP) functionality? Learn how DRI DUCK Traders,, has enhanced its ATP algorithm. As a wholesale apparel company, it is balancing the complexities of a vibrant distributor network. Plus, the company has grown into the direct-to-consumer (D2C) model. This tension of B2B and D2C customers has challenged the company to adjust ATP and then utilize this algorithm across multiple digital platforms. 


  • Joe Leimer, Senior Director of Technology, Design Resources Inc.
  • Niki Sommerfeld, Software Engineer, Design Resources Inc.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Adjust the Available to Promise (ATP) calculation to fit your business rules.
  • Display inventory availability for both B2B partners and D2C customers.
  • Highlight some lessoned learned in adjusting the ATP algorithm.

Target audience:

  • Technical Associates (those looking to learn how to use products efficiently and effectively) 
  • Managers (those tasked with driving operational efficiency and organizational initiatives)


  • DRI DUCK Traders Overview: 4:00

  • Challenges with the SAP Native ATP Calculation: 11:00

  • Solutions: 16:00

  • Extra Credit: 25:00

  • Return On Investment: 28:00


  • Joe Leimer, Senior Director of Technology, Design Resources Inc. (DRI)
  • Niki Sommerfeld, Software Engineer, Design Resources Inc and it’s affiliated companies

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