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BI: ASUG Analysis Influence Council Relaunch

ASUG SAP Analysis Influence Council

ASUG members who use or plan to use SAP Analysis Office are invited to join the ASUG BI Community in learning how they can influence the future direction of the software. This is a re-launch of the successful ASUG Analysis Influence Council and because Analysis for Office and the EPM Add-in for Microsoft Office are converging, we also welcome EPM users.

ASUG Influence Councils provide structured forums where members collaborate with peers and SAP solution managers to solve similar product challenges, share ideas, and influence specific SAP products and services. The participant profile includes both IT and business users. This is a unique ASUG benefit to you to influence SAP on future direction.


Joyce Butler, SAP Mentor,Nexeo Solutions -ASUG Volunteer

Alexander Peter, SAP -SAP Point of Contact on ASUG AnalysisInfluence Council