BW/4HANA means simplification and increased flexibility for well known EDW architectures (LSA++). Despite that, we all know that customers are not always happy with such monolithic architectures. Little wonder that agile processes and principles of data lake architectures like "load first, understand later" find entry to new BW/4HANA implementations and architecture considerations. Let's start the discussion of chances and risks merging big data principles and proceedings with DWH best practices.


Juergen Haupt, SAP


- Digital Transformation and the Intelligent Enterprise: 6:35

- SAP BW/4HANA architecture and the Triad of Technology, Architecture, and Process: 7:55

     - EDW: simplified architecture with LSA++: 13:45

     - EDW: flexible architecture with LSA++: 16:55

     - Agile DWH architecture with LSA++: 30:00

     - Relational Data Lake architecture capitalizing on BW/4HANA BWH-services: 33:00

- SAP BW/4HANA and Relational Data Lake: 41:15

- Summary and Q+A: 45:00

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