Taking the next step forward towards efficiency means recognizing that there are many models and digital threads required to optimize the flow of products as they physically traverse the value chain and are supported in the field. Models of demand, supply chains, factory flow, maintenance, quality, financial, and production engineering operations (PEO) to name a few. For many, if not most, of these models, the system of record is ERP. It is time to recognize that digital transformation on the shop floor is as much about being solidly connected to ERP as it is to PLM. Manufacturing execution systems (MES) and manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems need to be chosen for their ability to maximize enterprise throughput for both development and production. This session will cover the amazing benefits of an MES embedded in ERP.

  • The role of SAP in enterprise optimization
  • How to eliminate the shop floor interface to SAP
  • How to enable digital transformation in small and/or prototype shops
  • How to properly choose an MES/MOM system


  • Dave Blatner, Experience Management Engineering, Aerospace & Defense - Industry Executive Advisory, SAP
  • Matt Cordner, AVP and Principal A&D Business Architect, HCL Technologies