In partnership with Titan Consulting, this ASUG webcast will deliver insights designed to support your work with SAP technology.

Join Titan Consulting as we discuss a low-code/no-code journey using Mendix. The discussion will include an evaluation of low-code/no-code platforms, how to  deploy the Mendix solution in your SAP ecosystem, and some applicable case studies. You’ll receive an inside look at Mendix architecture and how it’s deployed in an SAP system, as well as some ideas on applications that may apply to your environment.

This presentation will include:

  • How Mendix fits into your SAP ecosystem
  • How to get started with Mendix
  • Case studies of Mendix applications


  • Mike McCane, Practice Manager - Mendix, Titan Consulting
  • Daniel Parkhurst, Practice Manager - Mendix, Titan Consulting