How well do you and your SAP development teams know all the various free resources which are available to them?

In this webcast, we’d like to introduce and explore the many options that may be hidden gems for your development and technical teams. We will look deeper into the website and explain how to get started with the 800+ free tutorials, nearly all of which are executable across a variety of free trial offerings. Speaking of free trials - we will show you how to get started with them and talk about some of the most popular trial offerings. If your goal this year is to upskill on development topics and tasks; we want to help you get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Free resources from SAP for your SAP Developers
  • Learn about free SAP CodeJams that could come to your area or ASUG Chapter meetings
  • Learn how to upskill as an SAP Developer


  • 3:00 – Speaker introduction
  • 5:00 – Webcast purpose overview
  • 6:30 – SAP Developer Center
  • 9:15 – SAP Developer Center – Tutorial Navigator
  • 11:45 – SAP Developer Center – Trials and Downloads
  • 26:45 – SAP Developer Live Streaming Series
  • 30:45 – YouTube: SAP Developers Team, SAP Community, DJ Adams, Max Steifeneder, and Thomas Jung
  • 35:25 – SAP CodeJam and CodeJam events (including ASUG chapter meetings)
  • 40:15 – Twitter: SAP Developers, Thomas Jung
  • 43:30 – SAP Community: Developer Advocates
  • 46:20 – SAP GitHub Repository
  • 51:00 – openSAP
  • 54:00 – Closing comments and Q&A


  • Thomas Jung, Head of Developer Advocacy – SAP Developer & Community Relations, SAP

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