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INFL: Solution Manager Influence Council August 2019

ASUG SAP Solution Manager Influence Council August 2019

The ASUG Influence Council for SAP Solution Manager is an ongoing forum for customers to provide feedback to SAP. This council meets monthly to identify, prioritize, and communicate ideas that drive enhancement and help shape the future SAP Solution Manager and application lifecycle management (ALM) road map.

Get connected with product management for SAP Solution Manager, and influence SAP Solution Manager software development. Council members have an early opportunity to understand new innovations and influence SAP software development decisions.

Do you have a great idea for SAP Solution Manager that you are using today? Join this council to:

  • Provide feedback on product innovations.
  • Understand new product enhancements as soon as they are released to the market.

Council meetings take place on the third Thursday of every month at 2:30 p.m. CT.


Evan Stoddard, SAP

Matthew Harmon, Goodyear

John Krakowski, SAP