About ASUG’s Licensing Webcast Series

On April 10, SAP announced a new pricing model designed to address the challenges associated with indirect access, also known as indirect use. SAP also introduced related adjustments to its sales and audit practices. Join us for our series of 20-minute webcasts to get up to speed on these changes.


Webcast 3: Perspectives from Industry Analyst Jon Reed

Longtime ERP analyst and co-founder of Diginomica Jon Reed joins us to talk about what led up to the changes that SAP has made to its sales, audit, and licensing processes. He helps us deconstruct SAP’s document-based pricing model and explain how it compares with other pricing approaches within the enterprise software industry. He also shares his thoughts about how this could help SAP regain trust within its user community, as well as some of the next steps customers could decide to take based on their individual situations.


  • Ann Marie Gray, VP, Content, ASUG
  • Jon Reed, Co-founder, Diginomica

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