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Connecting project and portfolio management applications from different vendors into a cohesive ecosystem is a challenge for most enterprises. The complexity and cost can increase exponentially if integrations are bidirectional and variable based on project type. Philly Shipyard will introduce for discussion its current integration with Primavera. 

The format for Thursday, Dec. 3 at 2:30 p.m. ET/1:30 p.m. CT will include:    

  • Brief welcome and kickoff from ASUG   
  • Rapid case study led by ASUG members Ralf Neckien from Philly Shipyard and Tony DeRosa from Platinum DB Consulting, Inc. 
  • The discussion will focus on: 
    • Deciding the system of record 
    • One-way or bidirectional 
    • Maintaining the integration (coding or rules-based) 

Gain visibility into the challenges and successes other SAP customers are experiencing, and acquire new ideas for real-world solutions. 

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Think Tank Insights:

  • From a business perspective, where would you start the project? 
    • Start with the concept 
      • You start developing a schedule that outlines, for instance, the building of the ship – Created that schedule in Primavera 
    • Once you get the signature, you want to have the project definition within SAP   
  • What are Philly Shipyard’s next steps? 
    • Securing funding for next year 
    • Do a better job at the setup of the process 
    • Define what information they want to communicate between the two systems (Primavera and CS Connect) 
  • Big takeaway  
    • When someone needs a connector – don’t believe that every connector is as powerful as the next and as easy to integrate.  
    • Need to ask if it unidirectional or bidirectional 
  • What is the product roadmap for EPC 
    • It will work with S/4. Works in all SAP versions 

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