SAP Data Custodian offers a wide range of powerful data protection features to help our customers protect their data in the public cloud and hybrid environments. SAP Data Custodian offers full-stack transparency and control features including data residency controls, contextual application controls, and customer-controlled encryption key. These features help our customers meet their data protection regulations, data sovereignty, and business compliance requirements.

Flexibly configure monitoring and control policies to restrict storage and access to cloud data based on data category, geo-location, and user context (for example, user location, citizenship, department, employment type, etc.). Control encryption keys as a customer instead of relying on SaaS providers. Understand the key control feature critical in instances when there are accesses to customers data without their authorizations.

Key takeaways:

  • Hear how data residency can be managed in an SAP environment with hyperscalers
  • Apply your own encryption keys to protect your data
  • Learn how to gain visibility into your data in the cloud


  • Wasif Gilani, Product Manager, SAP