Real-time technology gives us the potential to connect everything with everything else. In the automotive industry, it is visible on the shop floor, production, customer experience, and certainly in the wider space of “autonomous.”

When we speak about social architectures, we are discussing the combination of processes, data, and values related to a consumer.

Doing these things requires different kinds of end-to-end processes, different ways of relating to consumers, different ways of acting towards competitors, along with knowing that potential consumers in the Internet of Things (IoT) world are also visible to all other participants in the market. Capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI) or blockchain, quantum computing, and open borders in IoT will make different business models and kinds of collaboration possible.

With moving from products to services, we have even more potential if we keep in mind that a connected world will use intelligent sensors and intelligent infrastructure. Then we can anticipate intelligence networks.

Viewing this from an overall perspective, the speaker will also give insights on an automotive SAP S/4HANA greenfield journey.

Key Outcomes:

  • End-to-end overview on digital mega trends and challenges in business
  • Link to potential business cases and impact on SAP landscapes
  • Use case on SAP greenfield


  • Otto Schell, Co-Chairman, DSAG e.V.

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