A strong application lifecycle management (ALM) framework integrates methodologies, tools, and processes. But practical ALM must incorporate an evolving DevOps culture, IT service management (ITSM), data-driven metrics, as well as increased automation and collaboration objectives. The Lockheed Martin center of excellence shares its journey.

Key takeaways:

  • Share the Lockheed ALM journey
  • Dig into the meaning of the acronyms
  • Share some lessons learned


Sandi Boll, Lockheed Martin

Michael Reynolds, Lockheed Martin


  • Key Objectives and Company Background- 4:15
  • About the SAP Landscape at Lockheed Martin- 5:40
  • SAP CoE Efforts and Acronyms- 6:49
  • Year of Go Begin vs. Go Live- 8:29
  • How Did We "Go Begin?"- 11:15
  • Looking at "Process" and How We Define Ours- 15:04
  • What ALM and DevOps are to the CoE- 18:55
  • Brainstormed ALM and DevOps Features- 22:50
  • Key Pilot Efforts- 26:45
  • Agile for ALM - Our Backlog- 30:37
  • Acronyms as We See Them Now and Lessons Learned- 32:45

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