Sponsored by: ACSIS, Inc.

ACSIS and Cryptowerk will speak to lessons learned implementing Tamper-proof Product & Asset Traceability using ACSIS’ proven Digital Supply Chain Solutions in concert with Cryptowerk’s technology to provide proof of integrity embedded into all business data. 

Cryptowerk has developed the first GDPR- and CCPA-compliant data integrity cloud service that makes it possible to verify the authenticity of any digital asset at massive scale using decentralized ledger technology systems, such as blockchains. 

The Cryptowerk Horizon cloud service is used by enterprise organizations, OEMs and service providers to automate and accelerate data compliance processes in high-scale business applications, including secure document verification, industrial IoT, supply chain tracking, transactive energy and data compliance. 

ACSIS has implemented Digital Supply Chain Solutions for the purpose of improving visibility of the end user’s products & assets in their B2B and/or B2C supply chain for themselves and their partners and customers. 

Together, these two SAP eco-system partners provide data integrity at massive scale, product & asset traceability, Edge IoT connectivity, 3rd party collaboration, visibility, and analytics.

All of this results in accelerated and enhanced ROI (return on investment).          



  • John DiPalo, Chief Strategy Officer, ACSIS, Inc.
  • Kevin McDonald, VP Solutions, Cryptowerk

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