2020 brought extraordinary changes to the supply chain. Those changes, however, should not have been a shock to those paying attention to international supply chain trends and real supply chain challenges leading to up the disruptive 2020 landscape. This two-part series will dive into what future of supply chain means for your supply chain management strategy.

Part one will examine how we got here and the key differences brought on by COVID-19, how to build and structure a useable action plan, and the key technologies that can mitigate disruption in the future.

By attending this webcast, you will take away:

  • Real-life strategies to how supply chains can become efficient and viable for the future use
  • How the structure of your supply chain process can be beneficial or a hinderance to supply chain innovation
  • The role technology can play and toll it may take in the evolving supply chain landscape


  • Tom Craig, Supply Chain / Logistics Consulting, Solutions That Work