Organizations around the world are aware of the urgent need to transform their business and operating models. With evolving customer behaviors, disruptive technologies, regulatory policies, and globalization, many senior executives are concerned about their ability to adapt.
Qualtrics provides the ability to measure experience so your organization can act accordingly and drive the transformational changes necessary to perform at higher levels.


This webcast will include an overview of Qualtrics, including how the Qualtrics relationship with SAP has transformed and what new acquisitions can mean for your business. Understand how organizations are using Qualtrics XM Experience Management to convert a system of listening into a system of action. This session is the first in a series on explaining how Qualtrics can benefit your business across brand, customer, employee, and product

Key takeaways:

  • How Qualtrics turns insight into action
  • How Qualtrics acquisitions will differentiate experience solutions in the marketplace
  • How Qualtrics can positively affect the business across product, brand, employee, and customer