SAP customers in nearly every industry are searching for ways to find more meaning in the data they’ve collected by getting the most from their analytics, dashboards, and business intelligence (BI) tools. We asked BI and analytics professionals to tell us what they see as the most significant trends and pressures the field is facing this year. We’ll discuss what we heard about where they need the most support, what products they’ve invested in, and what drives their satisfaction. Ann Marie Gray, ASUG VP of content strategy and research, will share the BI and analytics research that came from our conversations with customers.


You’ll discover:

• The one thing that BI professionals believe must change to solve the top analytics challenges

• What keeps BI professionals up at night

• Which technologies are likeliest to affect the BI field in the near future


Bring your questions about what’s going on in the BI and analytics space to this live webcast and Q&A.


  • Ann Marie Gray, VP of Content Strategy, ASUG

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