Extreme pressures continue toaffect enterprise asset management (EAM) teams, created by the challenges of running teams during a pandemic, as well as major disruptions with key industries that rely on EAM approaches.We asked professionals who work in EAM across industries to tell us what they believe are the most significant trends and pressures they’re facing in their field this year. We’ll discuss what we heard about where they need the most support, what products they’re most interested in, and what satisfies them.

You’ll discover:

  • Why mobile technologies haven’t delivered what they’ve promised yet, even though 75% of EAM SAP customers usethe technology
  • Why cloud strategies are largely in early development stages, with just 25% of EAM SAP customers already using them
  • A key trend and a pressure holding these professionals back


  • Marissa Gilbert, Research Director, ASUG
  • Jeff Smith, Manager Master Data Programs, Loudoun Water

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