The automotive industry has been living in two worlds—one based on a history of delivering gas-powered cars and another catering to consumers who demand electric and autonomous vehicles. For automakers, the future of mobility has already arrived. Now, COVID-19 has brought yet another challenge as these manufacturers have been called to retool and build medical devices.

During this live webcast and Q&A, Ann Marie Gray, VP of content strategy and research at ASUG, will share the research that came from our conversations with SAP customers across the automotive industry. We’ll discuss where these customers are looking for changes to happen next, what’s holding them back, and what drives their satisfaction.

We’ll also catch up with Kristin Welch of Ford X, Ford Motor Company’s venture incubator. Her typical role is to validate new mobility ventures and business models and help shape the future of transportation. Lately, she and her team have partnered with community organizations to bring COVID-19 testing to first responders in metro Detroit—one of the areas in the U.S. that’s been hardest-hit by the pandemic. We’ll find out where the automotive industry is focusing now and through the rest of 2020. Bring your questions and insights about what’s going on within this important manufacturing segment.

Join this webcast to discover:

  • The effects of IT outsourcing on technology systems
  • What trend these customers predict to have the greatest effect on their jobs
  • Why data is so critical to their success


  • 0:30 – About ASUG Research
  • 2:25 – Automotive insights for 2020
  • 3:15 – Checking in with Ford X
  • 20:25 – Key trends and pressures for SAP automotive customers
  • 37:30 – Secrets behind satisfaction for SAP automotive customers
  • 41:30 – Q&A



  • Ann Marie Gray, VP of Content Strategy & Research, ASUG
  • Kristin Welch, Venture Pipeline, Ford X

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