SAP customers working in the enterprise asset management function are charged with keeping their asset-heavy businesses operating at peak efficiency. Still, they acknowledge that today’s tools and processes have kept them in a reactive position, despite their aspirations to move toward proactive or—better yet—predictive efforts. We asked professionals who work in the enterprise asset management function across industries to tell us what they see as the most significant trends and pressures they’re facing in their field this year. We’ll discuss what we heard about where they need the most support, what products they’re most interested in, and what drives their satisfaction.
You’ll discover:

  • Why mobile technologies haven’t delivered what they’ve promised yet
  • What is a key trend and also a pressure holding these professionals back
  • Who is responsible for purchasing and implementing enterprise asset management technology


  • Jeff Smith, Business Process Analyst, Fairfax Water
  • Carolyn Szczurek, Market Research Manager, ASUG