SAP customers working in the life sciences industry are endlessly experiences changes, especially in the past year. Dedicated to the improvement and safety of animal and human life, they acknowledge that today’s tools and processes have kept them in a reactive position, despite their aspirations to move toward proactive or—better yet—predictive efforts. During this live webcast and Q&A, Carolyn Szczurek, market research manager at ASUG, will share the research that came from our conversations with SAP customers across the life sciences industry. We’ll discuss where they are ahead of other industries in terms of technology use, where they need the most help with their technology, and what keeps them up at night.
Key takeaways:

  • You'll hear about the top trends impacting the life sciences industry, including AI (for manufacturing and for data analysis), new drug production, and maintaining quality in production.
  • We will discuss the areas that are most challenging for life sciences members, including maintaining a robust cybersecurity strategy.
  • Hear about the most important technology projects in the pipeline for those in life sciences, including cloud implementations, increased cybersecurity, and supply chain management.


  • Nagarajan Nallaiah, IT Manager, Varian Medical Systems
  • Carolyn Szczurek, Market Research Manager, ASUG

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