We’ve redesigned the experience with our members in mind. Get ready for a streamlined experience that makes it easy to gain more insights, curate your content, and make even more possible with SAP® and the new ASUG website.

Key Takeaways:


Danny Pancratz, Director, Product Development, ASUG


  • Introduction and background
    • High-level summary (6:40)
  • Detailed walk-through (12:05)
  • Q&A
    • How did ASUG choose the filter options for  insights? (51:00)
    • What's the difference betweening following a group and updating interest preferences? (52:40)
      • Both drive personalization on your dashboard and other aspects across the website
      • Following groups is important for dashboard notifications, updates, and email
      • Preferences are important for recommended insights and events, as well as email
    • How will I receive notifications related to my preferences and groups? (55:30)
      • Updates in your dashboard, as well as email newsletters and updates
    • How is ASUG Education different from SAP Education? (56:35)
    • Is previous ASUG content, specifically webcasts, available on this new website? (58:20)
      • Yes, webcasts and other content from the beginning of 2018 until the present is live on the new site
    • Where do you update your profile and preferences? (59:30)

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