ASUG Senior VP David Wascom served as host and facilitator for last week’s ASUG and SAP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Virtual Summit. Here, David shares his highlights and takeaways from the event.

SAP and ASUG just wrapped up the ASUG and SAP ALM Virtual Summit for North America. What a great experience for everyone there! Between the two pre-event jump-start days and the three days of the conference, there really was something for anyone who implements and operates an SAP landscape. Through my key takeaways that follow, you may gain interest in Summit follow-up opportunities, on-demand content, and learning more by connecting with the ASUG ALM community.

My first takeaway: how comprehensive SAP ALM solutions are for managing the entire ALM life cycle. There are tools and guides for every step along the journey, from initial implementation management, through monitoring and enhancing live systems. It’s difficult to compare today’s ALM suite to what was available back when I was actively implementing and running SAP. At that time, we performed all ALM stages, but we lacked an integrated, one-stop solution to manage it.

Secondly, there’s the fact that SAP ALM solutions are open. Partners build and integrate their extensions to increase the capabilities that the core SAP solutions offer. During the event, we heard from partners that showcased some great examples.

Finally, I highlight the challenge that SAP customers now face. Unlike before, there are now several ALM products, which means more customer options. This creates a decision challenge: Should we run SAP Solution Manager or SAP Cloud ALM, or is SAP Focused Run the answer? As with many complex questions, the short answer is that it depends. The longer, better answer—depending on your landscape—is that there are clear guidelines on how to choose the best solution. We covered this extensively during the event. Additionally, we’ve addressed this in related ASUG Summit coverage.

If you attended the Summit, thank you. I hope you took away your own key insights to help your organization get the most from your SAP technology investment. If you weren’t there, it’s not too late: check out the content on demand and connect with your peers through ASUG.

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