SAP Industry Cloud can accelerate progress and drive innovation for SAP customers at any point in their digital transformation journey.

In a session at the upcoming Center of Excellence event, Kai Finck, SAP SVP and Head of the Industry Cloud Program, and Frank Ruland, SAP Global Vice President, Partner Management, will explore the “what, “how,” “when,” and more of Industry Cloud as an innovation and transformation accelerator.

The duo will present their session, “SAP Industry Cloud as an Innovation and Transformation Platform,” as part of the ASUG Best Practices: SAP Center of Excellence virtual conference agenda. The conference agenda and further information is available at

In a brief conversation to preview the session, Ruland said the team would review how Industry Cloud complements SAP S/4HANA, Cloud line of business solutions, and the SAP Business Network. They will also discuss the critical roles SAP partners play and how they are advancing Industry Cloud solutions.

Business Pressures Mount

Industry Cloud appeals to industry/market segments seeking to standardize, automate, streamline, innovate, and achieve increasing degrees of digital transformation. Ruland said SAP customers are facing challenges and increasing pressures across supply chains, asset optimization, and sustainability agendas.

Industry Cloud aims to “pick the customers up where they are at the moment,” Ruland said, providing a solution based on a common platform that integrates with systems and data at the center of customers’ businesses—as well as interconnecting with suppliers and buyers.

Finck and Ruland also will detail how Industry Cloud can apply to Business Networks, procurement, and materials management and discuss how Industry Cloud early adopters are realizing business value.

Ruland said he hopes attendees will be see Industry Cloud as an innovation accelerator—wherever they are amidst digital transformation—instead of taking it on as more of an afterthought.

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