Last week, ASUG was named one of Crain's Top 100 Best Places to Work in Chicago, a list formulated annually in collaboration between Crain's and Best Companies Group to celebrate companies that prioritize employee satisfaction, engagement, and well-being. From encouragement of professional development opportunities and innovation to an ongoing focus on diversity and inclusion, this list evaluates various aspects of professional life and is widely regarded as a prestigious benchmark for companies aiming to create exceptional workplaces. 

ASUG being included in its very first year of consideration is a testament to ASUG's unwavering commitment to fostering a positive and enriching environment for employees. Crain's recognition of ASUG as a Best Place to Work signifies its dedication to creating a workplace where every individual feels valued and heard—which is why the honor is not just an accolade for its employees; it's a celebration for the entire community.

Because this community extends well beyond its core team of approximately 80 employees. It also includes an incredible network of over 300 dedicated volunteers, as well as thousands of valued customers, partners, and supporters—all of whom have contributed to ASUG's success.

  • Our volunteers are the backbone of ASUG. With individuals from over 300 member organizations, our volunteer constituency plays a pivotal role in the development of our year-round content, events, and communities. Their generous contributions of time and expertise, and their dedication to ASUG, reflects a powerful commitment to knowledge-sharing and collaboration.
  • Our customers are at the heart of our mission. They provide valuable insights, feedback, and real-world experiences that help inform ASUG's programs and initiatives, all of which allow us to continue to meet the evolving needs of our members.
  • Our collaboration with SAP and its extended network of partners is critical to our success. Through this connection, we are able to provide continued support to our members by informing them of the most innovative technology solutions and best practices.
  • Our extended network of supporters plays a crucial role helping to amplify the value that ASUG provides, both within the SAP ecosystem and beyond it.

It is only through the combined efforts, insights, and commitment of this collective that ASUG has been able to provide the best value to its members for over 30 years. Now, the strength of this communal ethos has propelled us to new levels of public recognition. We could not be more grateful to, or proud of, our extended ASUG family.

ASUG's journey is a terrific case study in how a collaborative, engaged community can jointly drive excellence, innovation, and success.  As a long-standing member of the ASUG team, it is indeed a source of pride to say that I am part of this well-deserved honor.

While this recognition reflects the power of ASUG's commitment to its mission and our members, it is also a reminder of the incredible potential that lies within our community—and of all the achievements still to come.  Thank you, for joining us on this journey.

Kelly Dowling is Director of Content Strategy at ASUG.

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