When I considered what “view” I wanted to express and what “voice” I wanted to bring to this column, to be delivered to you as some of us prepare to attend SAP Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference in May, many things came to mind.

Top of mind is excitement! For those of us coming together in Orlando…

For ASUG community members attending the virtual edition…

And for everyone to whom ASUG has already begun to deliver SAP Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference-related content and information, as we will continue to do in the weeks ahead….

Last year, we were “accelerating” back to in-person events after a long pause. This year, we are excited to be together in person for our ASUG Annual Conference. This important conference is a major opportunity to embrace the power of community as one, like we have done for many years.

We are happy to have thought leaders and subject matter experts coming together on the ground, to connect and to share their experiences with SAP professionals, SAP partners, and SAP customers.

At SAP Sapphire/ASUG Annual Conference this year, we are proud to be once again kicking off the conference pre-show, with 10 pre-conference sessions that allow our attendees to deep dive and strategize on the key strategic topics that have brought them eagerly to Orlando. 

We are also excited to be offering 23 Power Peer Groups in the ASUG Hub. These Power Peer Groups, which we introduced last year, were so popular among attendees, and so successful in their mission, that we are bringing them back. These are not simply presentations but also open conversations through which you can meet and connect with others in the SAP ecosystem to share your ideas, experiences, and stories.

This year, on the keynote stage, I am excited to show SAP users, SAP partners, and SAP as a whole how to embrace the energy of the ASUG community to build strong networks—and strong careers—with SAP. On the keynote stage, our Chief Operating Officer Carolyn Dolezal, along with four of our ASUG board members and leaders in the SAP ecosystem, will be joining me to share peer-to-peer stories and to authentically discuss business outcomes.

If you attend the event, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Get smart fast by gaining valuable insights from the latest research, best practices, and expert perspectives on current SAP issues and solutions.
  2. Expand your network by connecting to innovate with other SAP-savvy professionals and by benefiting from relevant, real-life experiences of peers within your industry.
  3. Get prepared to lead by collaborating with others to solve business challenges.

And while ASUG Annual Conference and SAP Sapphire are important, they are just one measure of the value and experience that ASUG contributes to our community every year, every day, every minute. We are here to connect SAP professionals with one another, so that you can learn from each other. Ultimately, we are here to help you—to grow your careers and to become even better-equipped as SAP professionals. And we are here to stay—to grow alongside you as we solve the business challenges of tomorrow, together. 

This is a little of my view before the journey… Check back for more stories, views, and voices in the coming weeks.

Geoff Scott is CEO & Chief Community Champion at ASUG. 

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