The second edition of SAP Business One: Business User Guide, released late last month by SAP Press, continues its 2017 predecessor’s valuable guidance while including substantial updates that can accelerate Business One users’ SAP HANA and cloud migration journeys.

Available in e-book and hardcover formats, the updated and expanded guidebook supports the current Business One Version 10, versus the previous guide’s focus on Version 9.2. Developed for small to midsize businesses or small-scale enterprise subsidiaries, Business One allows integrated business and operational management across financial, human resources, purchasing, inventory, sales, and customer service functions, including reporting and analytics.

Evolving Environments

“In 2017, the dominant database used by SAP Business One customers was Microsoft SQL, but in 2022, SAP HANA is by far the obvious and dominant choice of Business One customers,” said Carl Lewis, guide co-author and Chief SAP Business One Ambassador, commenting on the need for and opportunities with the new guide.

“On top of this, SAP Business One cloud-based deployment was minimal in 2017, but in 2022, cloud-based deployment is the primary methodology used in our digitally transforming world,” he added.

“The wait is over for small businesses that seek to understand how to effectively integrate business functions and efficiently improve business results. That’s what this guide can deliver for organizations with the latest SAP Business One releases,” said Geoff Scott, ASUG CEO.

“There is simply no other way to unlock the real potential of this software for your business,” Scott wrote in the guidebook’s foreword, adding his invitation to hear implementation stories from the Business One community within the ASUG member base.

Key Additions

According to Lewis, the new edition features several new elements, including:

  • Updates to all sections to reflect new features and functions added to Business One since Version 9.2 until Version 10 Feature Pack 2015
  • New screenshots and illustrations related to the Version 10 user interface
  • An introduction to Business One’s new web client within the Navigation chapter, given businesses’ shift to the cloud
  • A new chapter on HANA features and functions relevant to the Business One HANA version

The new SAP Business One: Business User Guide is available from SAP Press or from Amazon.