It has become increasingly important for organizations to have customer-centric processes that allow them to better connect and engage with their customers. Over the past several years, SAP has been highlighting the importance of building a customer experience (CX) strategy into digital transformation. Having a robust CX strategy can help an organization to better understand their audiences, engage with their customers, and deliver on brand promises. Companies can drive end-to-end operational efficiencies through CX integration.

Customer Experience Defined

Typically, customer experience is any perception that a customer has with an organization that they have an interaction with. CX is a value that accumulates while companies build relationships with customers through communication, trust, loyalty, and recommendations.

As it relates to SAP, there are five key pillars within CX: customer data, marketing, commerce, sales, and service. The SAP CX cloud product portfolio is the fastest growing category in their portfolio and offers many innovations that complement each other and allow customers to implement based on their specific needs and business objectives. Meaningful customer experiences are seamless, hyper-personalized, and delivered across various channels.

Hot Topics in Customer Experience

ASUG will be kicking off a customer experience series with a deep-dive session on March 30 that will feature a strategic overview of CX.

“Customer experience is top of mind for most companies right now, more than ever—regardless of where they are in their digital transformation journey,” said Seema Vishnoi, VP of product strategy for SAP Customer Experience. “Attending ASUG’s CX 101 session will provide you with the tools to ensure your customer remains at the center of your business, while supporting customer retention, acquisition, and growth.”

The following are hot topics and trends that SAP CX products help customers to navigate that will be discussed in depth during the virtual event and in future ASUG programming:

  • Harness the power of data to build trust and improve the customer experience.
  • Build greater agility and flexibility in your e-commerce business.
  • Create hyper-personalization and enable one-to-one messaging.
  • Deliver connected sales experiences that accelerate the buying process and turn customers into advocates.
  • Deliver fast and reliable service experiences that build customer loyalty.

Join us to learn more about CX hot topics and SAP priorities by registering for the ASUG Express: Customer Experience 101 – What You Need to Know About SAP CX event, scheduled for March 30, 2021. For additional insights and articles on CX topics, visit the ASUG Insights page.

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