SAP recently continued SAP Signavio enhancements with the SAP Signavio Process Explorer general release. The announcement reflects SAP Signavio leaders’ previously stated commitment to extending SAP Signavio strategy and technical capabilities this year.

SAP said SAP Signavio Process Explorer provides a single gateway to organize and centrally assemble the “collective knowledge from thousands of transformation projects” in progress across an enterprise on SAP and SAP partner systems. Customers can use SAP Signavio Process Explorer to compare, contrast, reference, model, then deploy process improvements and automation accelerators based on the solutions available:

  • 7,000 process models
  • Capability maps for 20 business domains
  • Value accelerators for over 13 industries
  • Industry best practices
  • Process metrics
  • Product recommendations

“The release of SAP Signavio Process Explorer is a key milestone in our vision to do more than just diagnose problems and inefficiencies in our customers’ business processes. By providing clear, industry- and process-specific guidance, we give our customers a way to accelerate time to value,” said Gero Decker, GM of SAP Signavio, in a prepared statement that accompanied the announcement.

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