ASUG hosted a webcast series that breaks down the foundations of SAP Signavio. The series covered SAP Signavio best practices, business process management, process analysis and mining tools, establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE), and more. Each webcast underscores the importance of being a part of a community where you can share challenges, solve problems, and engage in continuous learning.

Some key takeaways from this series include:

Continuous process improvement and collaboration are foundational for effective business process management.

  • The tools within the SAP Signavio Suite support process improvement by helping you map out current processes, identify areas for improvement, and simulate the future state of your landscape.
  • SAP Signavio can help establish ongoing practices that lead to optimizing your system by supporting process monitoring, refinement, and enablement.

Data-driven insights and advanced analytics are key benefits of implementing SAP Signavio.

  • An overview of the full SAP Signavio suite highlights how each of the core products included in the suite add value and efficiency across your business process management efforts. SAP experts highlight how data-driven insights and advanced analytics support your overall transformation journey.
  • SAP Signavio tools like Process Insights and Process intelligence support your organization with identifying issues, blockers, and opportunities for improvement within your business processes.

Best practices like standardization, establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE), and planning for change management help ensure successful implementation projects.

  • SAP Signavio highlights opportunities for standardization of end-to-end processes while maintaining the flexibility to customize specific processes to meet the specialized needs of your organization.
  • Establishing a CoE for process management allows you and your team to establish common language, facilitate decision-making, and ensure governance. A CoE can be responsible for facilitating workshops, annual process reviews, and transformational discussions.
  • Investing in change management involves breaking down silos between business and IT, defining clear targets, building stakeholder buy-in, and empowering business users to monitor and manage their processes.

SAP Signavio accelerates value realization and smooth transitions during your implementation projects.

  • SAP Signavio facilitates process transparency in SAP S/4HANA transformations by providing fast time to insights. This allows your organization to quickly understand current processes, find recommendations for improvements, and ensures fast adaptation to changes – minimizing disruption.
  • As a part of the Business Transformation Suite, SAP Signavio integrates with other transformation tools like LeanIX and Cloud Application Lifecycle Management. These integrations support enterprise architecture during a successful transformation and help manage key milestones and stakeholder responsibilities for the project's duration.

Discover lessons learned from other customers as they share real world examples.

  • Customer perspectives from Qorvo and Constellation Brands highlight real-world challenges along with the short-term fixes and long-term solutions these organizations implemented. Qorvo is featured in the SAP Signavio Foundations #2 webcast, and Constellation Brands is featured in both the SAP Signavio Foundations #2 and the SAP Signavio Foundations #4 webcasts.

Explore the full on-demand webcasts below:

  1. SAP Signavio Foundations #1: Why Every Successful Business Transformation is Data-Driven and Continuous?
  2. SAP Signavio Foundations #2: How to Ensure Your SAP S/4HANA Transformation Is an Investment That Adds Value
  3. SAP Signavio Foundations #3: Move from Strategy to Execution by Aligning Enterprise Architecture with Business Process Management
  4. SAP Signavio Foundations #4: Gain Visibility into Your Transformation: Drive Value, Uncover Opportunities and Improve Continuously with Process Data-Driven Insights
  5. SAP Signavio Foundations #5: Why Does Every Organization Need a Business Process Center of Excellence?

For upcoming webcasts and other SAP Signavio learning opportunities, be sure to follow the ASUG SAP S/4HANA Alliance for the latest Town Hall and Influence Council discussions.

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