With all the progress we’ve made—and we have made progress—being the “only one” is still too common for women in today’s workplace, especially in our industry. Women hold about 20 percent of available jobs in the technology field even though they make up about 50 percent of the workforce. And we’re not even talking about leadership positions; representation there gets even smaller.

We need to work to break that cycle, together.

That’s why we are launching a year-round ASUG Women Connect program to serve as a platform that understands and embraces diversity. One where the “only ones” can connect with other ones and celebrate each other.

In the past, ASUG Women Connect hosted a breakfast during SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference. Beginning this year, we will expand our presence and keep that connection going through in-person events, as well as webcast and blogging opportunities for members of our community.

Your Voice is Our Strength

This is about more than just networking, although that is very valuable. My hope is that the ASUG Women Connect platform serves to let women know they have a network that promotes respect, empowerment, encouragement, progress, and optimism. And that those aren’t just words, but values that resonate.

We can all get bogged down and lost in the minutiae of our day-to-day. But the ASUG Women Connect Program exists to remind us that we have a voice and that others want to hear it and learn from it.

With that in mind, I would like to invite you to be a part of the ASUG Women Connect program. You can participate as an attendee, speaker, or panelist at one or more of our events throughout the year, or you can contribute by sharing your story via blog or webcast.

Taking Bold Steps for Women in Technology

I realize that the ask of sharing is a big one. It requires you to step back and analyze your yourself through both doubt and success, and then to allow others to look in from their own lens. As a woman who has worked her entire life striving for that C-suite position, I’ve had my fair share of bumps and turns, victories and failures, and everything in between. But the teachers in my life and the lessons they have taught me have helped me along the way, and for that, I am grateful.

I realize there is power in sharing that story with all of you. So, I will take the first bold step and hope you follow suit.

The ASUG Blogging Program is an avenue for us to highlight women in the industry. If you know someone who has a great story, or, if you want to share your own, or if you want to shine light on a woman who has helped you on your journey, I encourage you to submit a blog post idea.

For now, here’s my story. I hope I’m not the “only one.”

Find out how to get involved with ASUG Women Connect year round.