SAP software powers critical business functions, including supply chains, financial processes, customer relationship management, and HR services, and is used by over 400,000 organizations globally. SAP software is also increasingly under attack, putting these critical functions—and your organization’s cybersecurity, compliance posture, and operations as a whole—at risk.

Join our interactive SAP Security and Architecture workshop to understand the latest tactics and techniques being used for targeted attacks on SAP systems, and critically receive actionable guidance and best practices for building a cybersecurity program to protect your systems. We’ll cover:

  • Current SAP threat landscape: Not just the theory, but the reality of active, ongoing, and pervasive global attack activity targeting SAP instances
  • How to prepare your organization against these pervasive threats
  • On-premises, cloud, and hybrid scenarios
  • Demonstrations of currently used exploits and discussion on observed activity in the wild
  • How to identify indicators of compromise from observed activities

As an attendee, you will have opportunities to provide feedback and ask questions throughout the event. Please take advantage of this chance to engage with us during this dialogue.

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  • Frederik Weidemann, Cybersecurity Expert and Chief Technical Evangelist, Onapsis