Security is no longer considered a luxury for IT systems. Your custom applications written in ABAP are a target for cyber attacks. This session explains how CVA can help you to identify and fix potential weaknesses in your ABAP applications. It also outlines how CVA integrates with SAP Fortify by Micro Focus which scans custom code for non-ABAP languages. 


Peter Barker, SAP



Software Security Vulnerability Today- 3:04

Security Solutions at SAP- 9:22

SAP ABAP Test Framework 14:01

CVA Roadmap- 20:30

Demo- 23:45

Introductory example: SQL injection- 28:05

How the code analysis works- 30:10

Demo- 31:16

Corrected program- 36:40

Integration with other code scanning tools- 41:40

Security Checks in Detail- 44:40

Release availability- 46:00

Summary and Further Information- 47:26

Q&A- 54:55

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