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EAM: ASUG EAM Community Virtual Round Table - Focus on Planning & Scheduling

ASUG EAM Community Virtual Round Table - Focus on Planning & Scheduling


Hosted by: EAM

This webcast is a part of ASUG EAM Week, featuring five EAM-focused webcasts in advance of Eventful Conferences'SAP-Centric EAM Conference, taking place March 5-7, 2017 in Huntington Beach, CA.

If you'reinterested in the topic of Planning & Scheduling in your organization, then you need toattend our ASUG EAM Community “ Virtual Round Table“ session. The focus of this virtual session is to engage ASUG members to help them be more effective at Planning and Scheduling.During this session you will be connected with others in our ASUG EAM Community that are interested in this important topic.

We will kickoff this session with a short presentation by a Planning & Scheduling expert and and then follow this with moderated discussion as well as questions from online attendees. Discussion topics will be based on some of the detail items identified from Eventful Conferences SAP Centric EAM “ Hot Topics and Conference Research Report “in the Planning & Scheduling topic area. Check out the list ofhot topicsfor added background information going into this webcast.

Outcomes from this virtual roundtable session will help drive future ASUG EAM Community activity. We plan to continue this Planning & Scheduling discussion both online and further face to face engagement at SAP Centric EAM 2017to keep the focus, conversation and shared learnings going as a community.

Participants will gain the following benefits from attending this session:

- Learn and share Planning & Scheduling leading practices

- Take away winning strategies and approaches to improve planning and scheduling

- Connect with other EAM professionals to collaborate during the webcast and afterwards


Linda Dietzel, Hersheys

Martin Stenzig, Vesta Partners