In partnership with Basis Technologies, this ASUG webcast will deliver insights designed to support your work with SAP technology.

By providing the agility to respond to new business strategies and changing market conditions in order to innovate much faster, DevOps can transform the way that SAP systems support organizations.

But once you’ve decided that implementing DevOps for SAP will help your organization deliver business value more effectively, how do you actually start and begin reaping the benefits? What steps can you take to make DevOps a reality in your organization?

Based on our work with hundreds of organizations that use SAP, we’ve set out 10 steps that can help you to move away from waterfall-style change management to a fast, agile, responsive way of delivering business-enhancing change in SAP.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tangible actions that will get you started on your journey towards DevOps for SAP
  • Why automation and tooling are so crucial, and the capabilities needed in an SAP environment
  • How DevOps and automation are already delivering for many businesses


  • Welcome
  • Introductions [1:10]
  • The Forces Driving Transformation [2:20]
  • Ten Tangible Actions That Will Get You Started on Your Journey Towards DevOps for SAP [7:00]
    • Define what DevOps Means for Your Business [7:30]
    • Bring the Right People With You [9:15]
    • Build a Business Case [11:30]
    • Go Agile [14:00]
    • Start Small and Constantly Evolve [17:15]
    • Reorganize Teams Around Business Outcomes [19:00]
    • Shift Left & Allow Your Teams to Own It [20:50]
    • Automate, Automate, Automate! [23:10]
    • Consider your SAP DevOps Tool Chain [25:20]
    • Make Value Visible and constantly Improve [27:05]
  • About Basis Technologies [28:30]
  • Benefits of SAP Orchestration & Automation [29:30]
  • Q&A [33:30]


  • Jim Dugger, Senior Technology Evangelist, Basis Technologies

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