In partnership with Loftware, this ASUG webcast will deliver insights designed to support your work with SAP technology.

Get Control of Millions of Labels & Standardized Labeling on a Single Solution.

Labeling across the globe can be complex. No one ever said labeling was easy. Where it can get even more complex is when you have disparate labeling software used across the globe and all your label data is housed in SAP.

Attend this webcast to learn how one popular life sciences company standardized and centralized labeling with certified integration from SAP to get control of its 32 million labels. You’ll learn why the organization chose Loftware and how this new standardized labeling solution allowed it to reduce costs by 30% and boost labeling efficiency by 25%.

You’ll also learn how Loftware allowed the organization to:

  • Quickly react to customer and regulatory labeling demands to meet the rigors of high-volume label printing across its global landscape.
  • Maintain one source of truth for all label data via integration with SAP business applications and other systems of record.
  • Minimize label templates and ensure labeling consistency across the supply chain with advanced business logic from the company's sources of truth.
  • Standardize on a single labeling solution while extending labeling to suppliers and partners via web and role-based access.


  • Laura Johnson, Director of Sales, Life Sciences, Loftware
  • Ken Allen, Vice President of Marketing, Loftware