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Metropolitan Sewer District: An Accounts Payable Optimization and Governance Success Story

Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) implemented SAP Invoice Management by OpenText, which helped meet and exceed the digitization, governance, cash flow planning, and automation goal for its financial organization. The OpenText platform also helped manage digital records effectively in support of business objectives.

Key Business Benefits:

  • 100% increase in invoice automation, labor efficiency, and redeployment
  • 86% increase in on-time payments and days payable outstanding (DPO) possibilities
  • 100% increase to payables visibility and better cash flow planning
  • Better vendor relations due to an end-to-end digital invoice processing solution

This webcast features members of the SAP for Utilities conference network. Hear more insights into SAP solutions for the utilities industry at the event taking place Oct. 21–23 in San Diego.


  • About Louisville MSD- 3:30
  • Pre-Implementation Context- 7:00
  • AP Optimization Business Drivers- 11:15
  • Project Scope and Objectives- 14:20
  • SAP and OpenText- 18:45
  • Digital, Integrated, Automated Invoice Processing- 22:20
  • MSD Invoice-to-Pay Journey- 28:17
  • Our Success and Vision for Tomorrow- 38:45
  • Invoice-to-Pay Value Attainment Road Map- 44:00
  • Assess Potential Value and Approach Considerations- 48:12
  • Business Partner Information- 50:25


Mani Ramaswamy

Optima Consulting

Partner and Chief Solutions Officer

Brad Good

Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District