Pre-questions: Data Privacy – Top of Mind *Please be prepared to discuss*

  1. How are you protecting sensitive data i.e. Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, salaries from power users, DBA?
  2. What are you doing within your organization in order to comply with data privacy legislation and regulation?
  3. How are you currently enabling analytics on whole data sets without exposing sensitive information?
  • Preliminary discussion: What is top of mind in your organization currently?
  • Understand how SAP HANA data anonymization works
  • Lean more about current use cases realized with SAP HANA data anonymization
  • Get hand’s on experience by diving into the SAP HANA data anonymization demo
  • Closing round discussion: Which of the presented technical scenarios would be of interest to your organization?

Links to learn more about SAP HANA data anonymization:

  1. Webpage:
  2. Watch the SAP HANA data anonymization overview video
  3. Read the research paper SAP HANA goes private
  4. Read the blog on Privacy Protected Data Has Value Too!
  5. Read the blog on Data Anonymization: The hidden talent

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